'THE BEST OF THE BEST' Safehaven Marine's photo gallery

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We don't make exaggerated claims about the strength and sea keeping abilities of our vessels, here's the proof!

For the best, most extreme, rough weather demonstration videos of our boats, see our amazing selection on you tube.

Below, spectacular photos of 'Barracuda' our new high speed Low RCS 'Stealth' Interceptor

Below, a few photos and video of the KISR Wildcat 53 on rough weather sea trials in Force 8 conditions demonstrating her excellent seakeeping capabilities



Below are a selection of photographs taken during sea trials with our Interceptor 42 and 48 over a series of storms that hit Ireland in December 2013 with winds up to force 12 and up to 30ft seas. Capturing some of the most stunning photographs of boats in rough seas ever taken.

Above and below, Hurricane force 12 wind speeds over 100mph, striping the surface off the sea causing it to smoke as if on fire.

Below, photos taken during the 'Christene storm'


Our Interceptor 56 Rescue / Ambulance vessel for Chittagong in breaking waves.

At the end of January 2013 we had a series of continuous storms reaching Force 10 with 60+kts winds and 6m seas, these photos are from sea trials in the rough conditions. 


P&O Maritimes new Interceptor 48 pilot vessel for the Port of Maputo in Mozambique being sea trailed in gnarly conditions offshore


'Turnstone'  The Port of Liverpools 2nd Interceptor 48 pilot boat offshore in a gale.



 On the 15th August 2012 we had a big storm, winds reached 45kts and waves were up to 10m high, breaking heavily, we trialed the Aden Interceptor 55 and our Interceptor 38 in the conditions and captured some great photos.

Above and below, a breaking sea bears down on our Interceptor 38,.

Squaring up as a wall of water engulfs her.

Her seakeeping has proved superb, recently tested in Force 9 conditions where breaking waves reached over 10m, she was capable of meeting these waves 

head on and able to run down wing in the big following seas safely and in full control.

See a video on you tube of  her taking on 10m breaking seas, as in photo above.  SEE THE VIDEO

Below, Big breaking sea over 10m high.

Looking side on you can clearly judge the height of the waves, the top of the mast is 5m above the waterline

Some great Ariel shots of three Interceptors, a 38, 48 & 55 running together















The Interceptor 55 Pilot vessel built for the Port of Aden, Yemen.

Below, see a great video of her, includes Ariel footage taken from a helicopter SEE THE VIDEO




The Interceptor 38 Search & Rescues version is capable of operating in extreme conditions and able to recover from a 180 degree roll over

Below, the sequence of photos of her during her self righting test

See the video of here self righting test SEE VIDEO  


WILDCAT 53 'ORCA III' built for Angus Campbell, Isles of Harris.

Josse van Hurtere, the 4th Azores  Interceptor 38 pilot boat

We had an opportunity to take some nice photos and videos of the three new vessels we have launched prior to their delivery

'ALVARO DE ORNELAS' The 2nd Interceptor 38 Pilot vessel for SAO ROQUE, AZORES

Above & below, squaring up to big 7m breaking seas

As part of our contract to supply four of our Interceptor 38 Pilots to the Islands of the Azores, we have now launched Alvaro de Ornelas. Identical to her sister ship Joa Vaz Corte- Real launched two months ago, she underwent rough weather sea trials together with her sister ship. Conditions were quite extreme, just as to be expected of an Interceptor pilot boat built by Safehaven,  with Force 9  and 47kts wind speeds pushing up  5m+ breaking seas, we of course made a video which spectacularly demonstrated the exceptional sea keeping abilities of the vessel, and took some great photos, see below.

  SEE THE VIDEO Rough weather sea trials in Force 9 & 3.5m seas

                          PART 2,  Breaking waves over 5m, 50kts wind speed, extreme sea keeping test


See a video of Joa Vaz Corte-Real during seakeeping / handling trials video 2

Her seakeeping was tested in 35kts of wind and she displayed the Interceptor's typically excellent levels of seakeeping, being very soft into a head sea, a result of her fine 55 degree bow deadrise and exceptionally stable down wind, being very responsive to the helm.


Above and below, the first day of rough weather sea trials on the Liverpool pilot vessel, an Interceptor 48 pilot-  'Skua' seen here  handling very well in 36kts of wind and 3-4m breaking waves. A video of the day can be seen on you tube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF5JH9enINE

Daniel Marquinhos who lives in Averio, Portugal took these photos of 'Espinheiro' going outto undertake pilotage, and coming home  in 6.5m seas at the entrance to the port, it shows the kind of conditions Espinherio must work in, Daniel has promised me some more pics and I look forward to seeing them.

Below, a selection of photographs of the Interceptor 42 pilot vessel Ursula undergoing rough weather sea keeping sea trails, conditions were pretty bad with up to 48kts wind speeds with swells of 5m breaking in the tidal race over the Harbour Rock at the entrance to Cork Harbour. During the trials she handled just like any Interceptor pilot, which is to say superbly. 


You can see a video of 'URSULA' undergoing these sea trials on you tube from this link- CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

Below- Nice sequence as she is swept by a breaking sea


'Ocean Ranger' back with us for an engine service and her owner Mike was keen to make a video of her in some weather. We had 3 days of continuous gales and storms so there was a kvery big sea running at the entrance to Cork Harbour at Roaches Point, and at the time we made the video conditions over the Rock and right across the entrance were un-navigable with exceptionally steep breaking waves as we had a spring tide, and the ebb was running at full force, only one of our pilot boat could have crossed the rock in these conditions and even then it would have been a tough run. We took a particularly vicious wave which demonstrated the great stability that a catamaran offers and the importance of strong windows and cabin construction as several tons of water crashed on to the cabin and windows. 

Above a 5m breaking sea bears down on Ocean Ranger and below, a selection of stills from the video.

Below, a nice photo sequence of bursting through a big wave. You can see a video of the day here- SEE THE VIDEO

Below, Wildcat 40 'Jeanne Baret' for the Port of La Reunion undergoing rough weather sea trials off Cork, during the night it had blown very hard with 40kts of wind from the South East with waves peaking at 7.5m a few hours before we went out, by then the wind had moderate but we still had 6m swells which were breaking well over the Harbour Rock, and against a strong ebb tide, to create pretty rough conditions. You can watch a video of the trials on you tube from this link- CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO


Below, some photos of the Interceptor 48 'Quinoa' undergoing rough weather seekeeping trials during which she proved excellent with a soft ride running into head seas and being very stable running down wind with a following sea (above) you can see a video of the trials from this link-  SEE THE VIDEO




'ISLAND TIGER' Wildcat 53 undertaking trials with the Irish coastguard helicopter and took some nice pics, we also had a video made, - SEE THE VIDEO

Above and below, photos taken from her rough weather sea trials, you can see a video of the trials from this link- SEE THE VIDEO

'CABO MONDEGO' an Interceptor 42 'pilot' for the Port of Figueira, Portugal. See a video of her being rested in a S/W Gale prior to being shipped to Figueira-  SEE THE VIDEO

'PATHFINDER' Sea trials in storm force 10 and 8m breaking seas off Cork Harbour, Ireland 12 January 2019

After a long period of freezing weather an intense storm developed of the South coast of Ireland, blowing at up to storm force 10 for 12hrs from the SE, a big 8m sea had built up which was breaking exceptionally heavily at the mouth of the harbour.  Roches Point lighthouse was recording 60kts at the time of the sea trials and the sea state was extreme. Care was needed facing into the bigger breaking seas as she was bodily thrown backwards when hit by such a force of water. Pathfinder handled it all fine, being very stable even in such big seas and we felt comfortable and relatively safe with the conditions, as bad as they were.

Below are some photographs from the day, visibility was very poor in rain, so the quality is not great, but an impression of the conditions can be appreciated.

Its always difficult to judge a waves height, but looking at the last photo in the sequence of stills captured from video footage, you can see that the crest is above her transom and her bow just in the trough. Factoring her 16.5m length and resulting 45 degree angle your probably looking at an 11m (35ft) wave height, pretty big!

You can see the video from this day on you tube- See the video-  CLICK HERE

Below, photos of 'PATHFINDER' The second of VT Critical services  new Interceptor 55 pilot / patrol vessel for the Port of Southampton sea trialed in rough conditions.

Below, some nice photos of Pathfinder during first rough weather sea trials, you can see a video of the trials here-  SEE THE VIDEO

'IZURDIA'  The Port of Bayonne's new Interceptor 42 'Pilot' has been launched. Seen below are some photographs taken during rough weather sea keeping trials at the entrance to Cork Harbour with up to 40kts of wind, 4-5m breaking seas during the full ebb tide, creating challenging wind against swell conditions at the entrance. She handled the conditions effortlessly demonstrating her tremendous stability and the ability to deal with heavy weather when necessary. You can see a video of the sea trial on you tube from this link- SEE THE VIDEO

Above, Putting her head into a breaking sea.

Above and below, coming off a 5m / 16ft breaking wave

Above and below, we had pretty big breakers on this day up to 5m in height and breaking heavily, made for some impressive photographs and video, a nice shot below running flat out before a big sea,


Violent storm force 11, near Hurricane wind speeds of 85kts.

On Saturday 17th January Ireland was hit by Violent storm force 11. Hurricane wind speeds of 140kmph, 93kts were recorded. A large amount of structural damage was caused throughout the county with large areas without electricity due to fallen lines and many houses and cars were damaged by falling trees. Both roller shutter doors were blown in at our new Youghal factory, and the road to the marina was blocked by a fallen tree. As part of our part of our efforts to recorded storm footage for a forthcoming TV documentary we intended to take some video footage of our pilot vessel being sea trialed in heavy weather, but the ferocity of the storm even caught us by surprise. As we were casting off from our marina it was disintegrating around us, even as we headed out to the harbour entrance in 'sheltered waters' the wind and sea state was amazing with 6ft waves in the inner harbour. As we made our way out to Roches Point conditions worsened and when we reached the open sea the wind was so strong that the sea appeared to smoke 'as if on fire' as the surface of the sea was stripped off and blown along. At the start of the video Cork harbour radio were recording 85kts and the Gramaldi line ferry broke here moorings going aground before being pulled of by the Harbour's tugs.

The waves over the Harbour rock were phenomenal, and breaking very heavily as the spring ebb tide ran out into the face of the Southerly swell. Wave heights recorded were 6m / 20ft. We took our Interceptor 55 Pilot out through this maelstrom to demonstrate her sea keeping and capture some exceptional video footage. For sure I had to nurse her carefully trying to avoid the worst seas, although occasionally, unavoidable we would get slammed by a set big breakers , but she looked after us and took us through it safely. Running back in with the seas behind us was 'interesting' to say the least. Here is a link to the video. SEE THE VIDEO

Below are some photos. These were taken at the start with 85kts winds, the sea is white with spray, the wind was so strong that the sea appeared to smoke 'as if on fire' as the surface of the sea was stripped off and blown along.


Below as the front moved through a brief spell of sun came out with winds lessening to 'only' 50kts.

Below, the oil rig support vessel coming in to shelter from the storm.

Below, some stills captured from the video, I was to otherwise preoccupied to take photos, which I should have done.

After a quiet Christmas with nothing exciting happening and no new boat launches till the 2nd Portland pilot / patrol in February,  we had an exciting start to the new year. We were making preparations to deliver the Portugal pilot vessel 'Atlantida Azul' to Sines and wanted to check that her extra fuel capacity was adequately stowed and that she was ready for her voyage, necessitating a sea trial in rough conditions when we received a phone call from a TV crew wanting to document storms and boats in heavy weather. On Saturday and Sunday the 11th & 12th of January we had a force 8-9 gale blowing for 2 days solid and building up  5.5m+ waves with a few 20 ft breaking seas about, conditions at the entrance to Cork Harbour with a spring ebb tide running were very rough and treacherous. Arrangements were made with the Port of Corks Harbour Master Paul O Regan to get the Cork pilot boat, the 'Gleann Mor' out as well.  Paul and Kazek recorded some very impressive video footage alongside the TV crew. Both boats handled the conditions fantastically demonstrating their excellent sea keeping abilities, in what were possibly the worst sea conditions they are likely to be operating in. Here is a link to the video on you tube- SEE THE VIDEO 

Above, nice photo sequence of the Alantida Azul bursting through a 20ft breaking sea.  I was driving and it was a pretty big moment, the first wave that hit us was fine, lined up head on nicely we chopped the top 4ft of  the wave off,  putting a wall of green water over the deck, the wave deflector worked well, but with plenty of water still hitting the screens you couldn't see the next wave coming, I only got a glimpse of it, enough to know that it  was big and breaking heavily as well,  all you can do in this situation is depend on the boat to look after you, which she did, good girl!    Below, taking another huge wave. The important thing about doing these sea trials is that I know that, driven correctly, the 55 and 42 can deal well with these extreme conditions and give the crew and pilots confidence, and importantly a sense of safety. It is only by actually doing this that  the designer can truly understand  what  good sea keeping means.

Above and below, a big sea from behind.

Above and below, the breakers were very big on this day.

Above and below. Occasionally a big wave would hit us, the Interceptors high levels of stability and low centre of gravity allowed us to come through unscathed, but care was needed to round up        to the biggest waves. 

Below, its always difficult to get good shots afloat, the wind, rain and spray and not least the extreme boat motions make it hard, this day I was secured to the 55's Hadrian rail with a harness  on the foredeck  but managed to get a few nice ones of the Cork pilot boat as she went past! Mind you a particularly big wave came along which threatened to hit me, you can see it clearly on the video, below are some stills captured from video.

Below is the Port of Venice's new Interceptor 42 Mooring vessel. She was the first vessel launched from our new factory in Youghal, Co Cork, and after brief trials was immediately sailed from there along the coast the 25nm to Cork Harbour in a southerly near gale, which she dispatched comfortably. Below are a selection of photographs. 


Further sea trials were undertaken in a force 7-8 gale with 3.5m seas, it was particularly dirty crossing the harbour rock, but we managed to get some good video and photos, below are some taken by Paul before he succumbed to sea sickness. here is a link to the video- See the video








Below are some photos from the first sea trials of the Port of Portlands new pilot / patrol vessel Rodwell', she handles very well displaying the same  excellent sea keeping as her pilot boat  version.

We made a video of the sea trials, you can see it from this link- CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO


Below, a nice sequence of photos taken by Keith aboard the Cork pilot of the 55 following in a big following sea

Below, sea trials on the Port of Sines Interceptor 55 continue, Recently in a Force 9 gale, we had a very big moment when we were struck by a 20ft+ breaking wave, both boats took it in their stride.

Below, thought this photo sequence was interesting, stills taken from video footage aboard the 'Liffey' following the 55. Judging the size of the wave against the 55ft long boat, I  estimate it at  20-25ft. It was pretty impressive watching Kieran go through it, even more so when it hit me! You can see a video of it at you tube on this link- CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

Above & below, Port of Sines new pilot vessel, an Interceptor 55 in force 8 and 3.5m seas, she was outstanding.

A good sea trial and video opportunity presented itself having two boats afloat at one time,  a S/W gale blowing combined with a spring ebb tide, conspired to create some really dirty seas at the Harbour mouth, the seas up to 3m were exceptionally steep, making for some really spectacular photos and videos captured by Paul & Kazek, as well as onboard footage.

See the video footage from this Link- CLICK HERE

Running down wind fast we were caught out by an exceptionally steep wave and stuffed her into the back of the wave in front at 35kts, her tremendous reserve buoyancy and curved bridge deck allowed her to pull up from under tons of water, a 'BIG MOMENT' though for Gabriel and Rob, washed two windscreen wipers clean off. Following driving 'Liffey', I saw it clearly, on the crest of the wave behind I had the throttles pulled back in neutral and was still surfing down at 20kts! The waves were exceptionally steep this day.

Thoroughly tested on this day, she will soon be ready for Garry to take delivery, he will have confidence in knowing what his Wildcat can take when caught offshore in a storm one day, which  is why he chose a Wildcat. Below, some action pics of the Dublin pilot boat 'Liffey', she was just fabulous, shrugged it all off, we had a comfortable ride, even in these conditions.

2nd Dublin pilot boat 'LIFFEY' during sea trials.

Nice beam on 'falling into the hole' action sequence of photos, captured by Kazek during the sea trials.

Orca II showing her props after hitting and coming off  a big wave.

Below, photos of the new St Malo pilot boat in rough conditions

We made a video of the trials with footage from aboard Dark Star  which you can see from this link- -  SEE THE VIDEO

We made a video of the trials in which we attached data logging equipment to record accelerations and pushed her quite hard in dirty conditions. which you can see from this link- -  SEE THE VIDEO

We made a pilot boarding video when we Had the Malta pilot's over to see their new pilot boat. The Gleann Mor and her crew demonstrated her alongside handling for us in an Easterly force 7-8 and we captured some good footage. See the video.

Our Interceptor 55 in heavy seas.

Below, an Interceptor 55 alongside a 42 showing the difference in size!

The INTERCEPTOR 55 ORCA II has been extensively sea trialed over the past month,  three videos were made of her in Heavy seas up Force 9, with 5m waves on one day breaking over the Harbour Rock , conditions were pretty extreme. Here is a compilation of the best moments-  SEE THE VIDEO

Nice sequence captured of a 5m breaking  wave (the anchor light is 5m off the waterline), the crest broke over her bow but you can see it being nicely deflected by the wave breaker before it hit the screen

For full details on this vessel, 'ORCA II' click on this link


Portland Interceptor 42 'Pilot' being sea trialed on a lumpy day offshore, see a video of her in action from this link-


Portlands new pilot boat 'Culverwell' undertook her first rough weather sea trails in force 7 conditions with wind against tide producing some lumpy conditions, here are some pics, there is a new video on our video download site from this link-  


On the 4th Feb 2007 we took Thunder Child and Camac out together, These are some pics from the video, as you will see from the video there were some challenging moments. It was a force 8 gale and an ebb tide at the entrance to the harbour.

Above and below, taking on big breaking seas in gale force conditions with the Dublin pilot boat.

Dublin pilot boat in sea trials in Southerly Storm force 9 conditions, seas were over 7.5m, 23ft. Below are some pretty impressive pictures, it was a wild day with some big seas around, you had to be paying attention!

This was a particularly bad moment, she was totally engulfed by this sea beam on. Her wide beam and high stability stopped her from being rolled over.

Waves can break over the Harbour Rock at the entrance to Cork Harbour, and then break continuously for several hundred yards, creating a carpet of foam when its really bad.

Below, running away from this one.



Surfing on the crest of a wave, where the Interceptors directional stability pays off. In quartering seas she does not heel over and yaw, even when running over a wave as below.

Below the Dublin pilot boat 'Camac' sea trialed in a SW gale.

Below, Cork & Dublin pilot boats together in a rare shot.

Cork Pilot boat in severe storm force 9, 70mph gusts. Extreme conditions.

Below, Gleann Mor in severe storm force 11, with 100mph wind gusts recorded & 10m seas. Airports were closed and large trees bought down locally. Worst conditions I ever saw. The waves were huge. Most pics were unusable due to camera shake and reduced visibility. The video was better.

Below, the largest wave we ever captured  on film during our video shoots , estimated at well over 10m in height. the masthead light is 6m above the waterline, in the video you see her completely disappearing in the troughs, and this was from the top of the cliffs at Roches Point lighthouse.


Another severe storm  with 6m swells.

Running back with a large following seas at the entrance to Cork Harbour.

During sea trials with Portland Harbormaster on board, the port of Portland ordered a boat after this sea trial in gale force 8, shortly after the sea trial Portland ordered an Interceptor 42 pilot, which can be seen elsewhere on this page

Some of  our best ever pictures were taken of the Cork Pilot boat during storm force 9.


Facing a big breaker over the Harbour Rock

Taking seas green over the foredeck


Cork Pilot, in Gale force 8, and able to maintain 23ks in to 10ft seas

'NAOMB AINE' our latest Genesis 37 was sea trailed in some lumpy conditions, we captured the moment when she was airborne in a spectacular shot-

'Thunder Child' in big seas.

WILDCAT 40 'Rubymay' was sea trailed in force 7, gusting 8 on the 17 Nov 2007, we captured some great pics and there is a video of her which you can see from this link- CLICK HERE

We  sea trailed the Wildcat 36 'The Black Cat in gale force 8 & wind over tide conditions with some very heavy breaking seas, Wave heights were 4m / 15ft but exceptionally steep on this day, probably the touch of east in the direction. The conditions were very challenging and we captured some great shots and video, she performed beautifully and demonstrated her excellent seakeeping abilities. 


Below, a particularly large wave about 15ft high almost broke on top of us, this shows how steep the seas can be in tidal race conditions with wind over tide, far worse than open sea waves

Not a good moment to be wondering if your boat is built strong enough, but we knew that our Wildcat 36 had the seakeeping abilities and  strength to deal with these conditions. Will focus the mind though!

We did a video and photo shot of Thunder Child, conditions were S/W force 5-6 with wind over tide,  just right for a maximum speed  30kt run, any worse and we would have had to slow down, made for some spectacular high speed footage.


Nice shot of the her alongside the Cork Pilot boat, they were out doing a boarding at the same time.

Sea trialing the first Genesis, it was about force 5-6, but we were flat out into it and managed to capture a shot of her prop out of the water.

In preparation for her voyage home to the UK's South Coast, 'SUSSEX' underwent tough rough weather trials offshore in gale force 8 conditions, we captured some excellent shots. 


This picture puts the wave size into perspective, this freighter was making heavy weather of it!

On the 28th of April 2005, in gale force 9 conditions and 50kts of wind we took 'Toraigh na Dtonn' to sea to record a demonstration video illustrate the Interceptor 42's outstanding seakeeping abilities. To make conditions worse we waited for the spring ebb tide to run through the mouth of Cork Harbour, creating some of the worst sea conditions possible. We took our Interceptor 42 out into this maelstrom and captured some amazing pictures

Climbing the face of a huge sea.


‘Mikatcha’ taking a breaking sea 'green' during a video shot in force 8 conditions prior to her delivery.