INTERCEPTOR  38  Short Wheelhouse Commercial Version

Our new Interceptor 38 has the following features - Ample accommodation with two berths, good size  main cabin with seating, galley. Separate heads compartment and locker space. The large aft cockpit has a flush deck and  with 12ft of  beam  and over 20 ft from the cabin to the transom  there is more than enough  room for angling, diving etc

Deep V variable deadrise hull design with 26 degrees midships, 47 at the bow and 18 at the transom allowing for higher speeds to be maintained in rough offshore conditions without the uncomfortable slamming of hulls with shallower deadrise.

Hard reverse chines - The main chine has 12 degrees of down angle improving stability and providing extra lift for increased performance and economy. The reverse angle of the chine also defects spray and water away from the boat giving a dry ride in poor conditions. Parallel spray rails further improve high speed performance.

A substantial secondary spray deflection rail positioned 280mm above the main chine is designed to deflect spray away from the boat at displacement speeds when the main chine would otherwise be immersed.

A Full length keel provides both directional and static stability, and gives protection to the sterngear.

Flared bow and raised sheer line give large reserves of buoyancy reducing the likelyhood of shipping seas green.

Steeply raked stem and cutaway forefoot allows for safe handling in heavy following sea conditions.


Single or twin engine installations for speeds up to 25kts         

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