'MISS BEHAVIN', Garry Lavers Wildcat 40 is launched



A good sea trial and video opportunity presented itself having two boats afloat at one time,  a S/W gale blowing combined with a spring ebb tide, conspired to create some really dirty seas at the Harbour mouth, the seas up to 3m were exceptionally steep, making for some really spectacular photos and videos captured by Paul & Kazek, as well as onboard footage.

See the video footage from this Link- CLICK HERE

Running down wind fast we were caught out by an exceptionally steep wave and stuffed her into the back of the wave in front at 35kts, her tremendous reserve buoyancy and curved bridge deck allowed her to pull up from under tons of water, a 'BIG MOMENT' though for Gabriel and Rob, washed two windscreen wipers clean off. Following driving 'Liffey', I saw it clearly, on the crest of the wave behind I had the throttles pulled back in neutral and was still surfing down at 20kts! The waves were exceptionally steep this day.

Thoroughly tested on this day, she will soon be ready for Garry to take delivery, he will have confidence in knowing what his Wildcat can take when caught offshore in a storm one day, which  is why he chose a Wildcat. Below, some action pics of the Dublin pilot boat 'Liffey', she was just fabulous, shrugged it all off, we had a comfortable ride, even in these conditions.